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How you can help us

Mind works for a better life for people with experience of mental distress by providing help and information, and campaigning for change. However, without donations Mind cannot continue its work.  You can contribute in many different ways, visit the links below to find out more.

Leaving a legacy to Mind

More than £1 in every £3 raised by Mind comes from people who have left us a legacy in their wills – helping us continue our essential work, promoting a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress and campaigning for the rights of people with mental health problems.

David, one of our supporters, explains:

“I have made provision in my will for Mind. I feel very sympathetic to the cause – physical illness may attract more attention but mental health is so important.”

Please remember Mind in your will. You can give money, property or possessions. Mind can also act as the executor of your will. And, because we are a charity, the gift is tax-free.

Thank you.

Companies working with Mind

Mental distress can affect anyone, including friends, family, colleagues and employees. One in four of us will be affected during our lifetime – that’s an amazing 13.2 million people throughout England and Wales.

The overall effect on the economy, and the impact on your staff, is huge:

  • only 13 per cent of people with a significant mental health problem have paid work
  • 250,000 people are admitted to psychiatric hospitals in England and Wales each year.

Working with Mind can benefit your company by promoting your corporate social responsibility strategy, and demonstrating a commitment to mental health. There are many ways in which you can help:

  • You may be considering a long term partnership. At Mind we have a team of professional staff experienced in creating and implementing a range of activity designed to meet business objectives and managing strategies.
  • Perhaps you are looking to launch an employee fundraising programme. Contact Mind to find out how.
  • Why not nominate Mind for a company donation?
  • Mind organize a wide range of events, providing unique and exciting ways of fundraising.
  • There are many other effective ways your company can work with Mind.
  • If you are interested in mental health issues and would like to find out more about supporting Mind, then contact us on 020 8343 5700 for more details.