Please help Mind in Barnet to give adults who are suffering from mental health problems, a future that most of us take for granted.  A future that is free from the stigma and prejudice of mental illness.  A future that allows people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and one in which they take control of their mental well-being.

Nationally, 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems in their lives – that’s a quarter of the population.  Mental health problems are very common, and many of us will have experienced some mental distress in our lives or know someone who has.   They can be for short periods, for example, distress after being made redundant, anxiety over sitting exams or for longer periods, for example, depression after bereavement or being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

In the London Borough of Barnet around 1 in 10 of all adults suffers from anxiety or depression. 1 in 5 Barnet residents over the age of 80 is disabled by dementia.

Mind in Barnet aims to help people with mental health problems to look to the future.  We want to raise funds so that more people can lead fulfilling lives, feel fit both physically and mentally and have self-confidence to move towards a better life in society.

You can make one off donations using a credit or debit card with Givey or cash donations or leave a legacy. Please complete a Gift Aid declaration to increase the value of your donation by 25% if you are a UK taxpayer.