Mental Health First Aid training

What is Mental Health First Aid ?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a 12-hour intensive course, usually delivered over 2 days for 12 to 15 people at a time by two accredited instructors. The delivery format can be flexible and can be delivered in shorter sessions over 4 weeks.

What does the course cover?

  • An overview of common mental health problems, causes, and treatments.
  • It teaches people how to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems.
  • How to provide initial help.
  • How to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others.
  • How to provide comfort to a person experiencing mental ill health.
  • How to guide a person towards appropriate professional support and self help.
  • MHFA does not teach people to be therapists.

 Who is it designed for?

  • Employers/Managers/HR personnel
  • Social & Healthcare workers
  • Benefits/Housing advisors
  • Job Centre Plus workers
  • Police/Correctional staff
  • Nurses/Midwives/Occupational therapists
  • Practice managers
  • Housing/Residential staff
  • Criminal justice system staff
  • And many others

 Why Mental Health First Aid training?

The training is a national training programme and equips participants with the skills they need to recognise the symptoms of common mental health problems.  On completion of the course, participants receive both a course handbook and a certificate from the National Institute of Mental Health.

 How much does it cost?

The price for 2 days training is £300 per person and £75 per person for half day training. The cost includes a MHFA manual and a certificate on completion from MHFA England. There is a 10% discount for local services.

For more information, please contact Mind in Barnet at 020 8343 5700 or email